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Etsy acquired my startup Adtuitive in 2009. At the time, we had a pretty cool product that automated online advertising for small retailers, and we were operating at a modest scale of 200 million ads a month.

Deciding to sell the company was tough, but the last three years at Etsy were awesome. I had the privilege of working with very talented folks across a full stack of things, from Hadoop infrastructure to search ranking to search UI. And of course, search ads. During this time period, I saw Etsy grow from $180 million in 2009 sales, to over $80 million last October alone. My team grew from Adtuitive’s engineering team of only 4 to almost 30 in total.

I’ll miss my time at Etsy, but I’m an entrepreneur at heart, and it’s time to start over. I’ll be taking some time off in the upcoming months - time off from work, time off from management, time off from NYC life. I look forward to writing code again and thinking about real world problems at a fundamental and disruptive level. I’ll be back up running at 110% sometime early to mid next year.

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